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Typical convert a primary physical parameter ( temperature, pressure, force ) to an electrical signal. This may require a signal conditioner connected to the transducer to amplify and make useful signal such as with RTD, strain gauges, thermocouples etc.


Typically give outputs that represent secondary physical parameters such as wall thickness, height, sound level, colour, roundness. These are usually a whole instrument in them selves that can be connected to a automation or instrumentation system as data.


Typically detect the presence of something and the most common types are Ultrasonic, light or inductive using magnetism.

If you don't find what you need in the list below, please contact us about it, we are bound to have a gauge or transducer or we will find it for you.



 Front Page Summary        
Sensors - Digital or Logic outputs        
 Capacitive Sensor:    Infra is the largest sensor maker inthe world    

 Inductive Sensor:        

 Magnetic Hall Effect:      


Photoelectric Thru Beam      


 Transducers and Gauges        
Home Automation Sensors
Green House, Cool Store etc Sensors
 2D Image Profiler:       For production line measurement to CAD drawings    TIC- A powerful high resolution 2D profiler
Linear, Circular, Tolerances to drawings
 Calipers:          Inside/Outside Dia Verniers, Dial  Gauges, Micrometers    Ask for Kroeplin or Mitutoyo
 Capacitive Displacement:    For very small displacements sub micron accuracy    

 Coating Thickness:      World leaders    
 Colour Sensing:    World leaders  
Liquid Concentrations    World leaders Density and Sound Measurement    
Crack Depth:      World leaders  
Current probes:          

Beta Control
Eccentricity Measurement:       World leaders    Zumbach
Encoders - Rotary and Linear     World leaders    Encoders
Flaw Detectors:      World leaders  

Force or Load Cells:            
Gas Analysers    Industrial Grade in Liquid & Gas O2 & Liquid CO2  
Gas Analysers   For Medical and biological use    Ask we have several types

Hall Effect Thickness:           Panametrics
Inductive Displacement:          
Laser Displacement:    DSE & Keyence the leaders in this complex field  

Laser Frame:         World leaders    
Laser Thru Beam:           

Laser Profiler:             GRI
Level Sensors and Gauges        

Linear Cable:            World leaders    
Linear Encoder Tape Position:    Only made by Belval long distance and accurate    
Linear Encoder Resistive and LVDT & LVRT    A highly accurate linear measurment method  

Linear Precision Position (Encoder Light)        
Liquid Density and Concentrations    World leaders Density and Sound Measurement    
Magnetic Fields:                World leaders    Group 3 Tesla Meters
Manometers  -  Liquid          World leaders  
Manometers              World leaders    

Metal Detection:        
Motorised Pots:            World leaders    
Non Contact IR Temperature:        Exergen
Non Contact Dimensional:    World leaders  
OptoElectronic Detection:        

Plastic & Metal FilmThickness:     World leaders    
Pressure:               All World leading companies    

Pressure Transmitters:                 

Pressure sensors and Switches:    All World leading companies  

Proximity Detection:           
Rotary Encoders      

Scales & Balances:             Mettler Toledo
Coating Thickness:      World leaders  
Strain and Load Cells:         All World leading companies    

Strain Gauges foils    All World leading companies    
Switches Geared Limit:          
Switches Limit:        
Temperature Probes:          

Temperature Transmitters        

Temperature RTD Probes and Elements    German quality    
Tilt and Inclinometers    German quality    

Ultrasonic Displacement:      

Ultrasonic Flaw:          
Visual Inspection:          Quality by Vision, SWS, TIC
Velocity/Speed:                 Beta Control
Wall and Coating Thickness:             
Kroeplin, Mitutoyo, Panametrics, Zumbach

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