FAB 2 Features:

Password protection

Add power indicator

Improve analog accuracy

Improve RTC accuracy

Improve PLC running speed

2 channels with 485 interface and 1 channel with the programing interface

Support ARRAY Text Panel(SH300)

Support the standard Modbus RTU protocol

Line Conditioning

Medical Grade UPSs

Function Block

RS-232/486 Extension Displays



Array Products and Solutions

Array is one of the many rising stars in Asian Automation & Control and Instruments Products

They are impacting the world market with a great range of products.

Array has a clear vision of what it is marketing ;--- high quality, low prices and excellent functionality speced products

MasTec has been distributing Array since 2004.

Their PLC range is extensive and very useable. Low end are Programmabel Relays with Analog inputs on the DC models and the higher end have Modbus RS-485 with excellent speced analog also.

Not many companies can make a 6.5 digit DMM that is as good as the high end manufacturers, Array has.

Their programmableinstrument section grows each year.

Programmable Instruments

industrial Timers

Industrial Counters/Controllers

Please visit the Array site for full details.

Talk to a MasTec Instrumentation Engineer

Programmable Instruments

DMM 6.5 digit + Scanners TCs & RTDs - USB, GPIB
Arbitary Waveform Generator - 50MHz Sine, 25MHz Sq & 10MHz ARB - USB, LAN or GPIB
Universal Counter - 375MHz~6GHz , 1 mHz~400MHz Freq ranges - USB, Ethernet or GPIB
Power Supplies Single Output - USB, RS-232 + GPIB Option
Power Supply Triple Output - USB, RS-232 + GPIB Option
DC Loads - 0-360VDC 150 and 300 watts - RS-232, 485, USB
DC Load - 0-80VDC, 250 and 400 watts - RS-232, 485, USB - GPIB/SCPI

Programmable Logic Controllers

PLC - FAB Series - Simple PLC RS-232, 485, USB
PLC - SR Series - Smarter PLC - RS-232, 485, USB
PLC - APB Series - High Speed and high resolution Analog PLC - Modbus Comms
PLC - FAB 2Series -high resolution Analog PLC - Modbus Comms PDF

 Configurable Devices

LCD Display - Low Cost Smart - Modbus Serial Connection for most industry PLCs
Tachometer - Counter - Timer - Frequency - Industrial Grade
Digital Timer with Switches - Industrial Grade
PSU - DIN Rail with DC UPS function

Array Front Page on PLCs

SR PLC with Expansion IO Module

FAB 2 PLC with Modbus Registers

Medical Grage UPSs

Medical Grage UPSs

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