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Our OEM/ODM experience may help you, we have being doing this type of work for many years now.

We arrange thousands of parts for companies in NZ, Australia and beyond.

We also want to congratulate all those small, medium and large companies in NZ and Oceania, that have gone through the process of dreaming, designing, prototyping, testing, market trials, documenting, going to production, marketing and finally selling in large quantities their dream product or products.

It is a huge undertaking and requires all sorts of skills, compromises, effort and money etc.

Are You The Company Buyer?

- Do You Need OEM or ODM Supply?

- Talk to our OEM / ODM Sales Manager, he is an expert at arranging supply.

With our Logisitics, Currency, Banking and Finance skills, it all happens smoothly.

Tell us your requirements.

A little planning is required for the future success of your project.


Talk to a MasTec Sales Engineer about OEM




It may seem an easy thing to do, to place and order for 50 to 100 Micros or RF modules etc, thinking these will be in stock in NZ or can at least be supplied off the shelf from the factory of the Asian, USA or Europe manufacturer.

However, most manufacturers operate with very strict product schedules and it is very wise to get to now the time cycles for these production runs and get your order into the production time line so your production runs are going to arrive smoothy for you.

Please talk to our OEM Manager, he knows the methods to make sure you get product on time. There is a continuous stream of emails in and out of MasTec making sure orders for our customers are on schedule.

If you have special requirments like ROHS or special versions of a product that will become an ODM, do give yourself at least 3-6 months to start discussing, communicating and defining exactly your requirements.

We need time lines and quantities, forward purchase orders to make it all happen smoothly.

Don't get to frightened by this, numbers can be shifted on the time line, reduced or increased but you must be in the production queue.

Our advice is:-- Start talking early with us and get us hooked into your needs, as soon as you can.

Also: - Start talking pricing and this will enable you to budget forward for the next 6 months or so.

Last point, if you are selling overseas, it is more than likely you will be selling with a USD price. We can sell to you also in USD and save you a lot of exchange charges and also stabilise your pricing based on the USD currency

 Chips  Micros and IO Chips
 Solid State Relays  All types of SSRs ( Hockey Puck, Backplane, PCB mounts etc )
 Frequency Converters  Convert Mains power from NZ 230VAC 50 HZ to 110 VAC 60 HZ
 Electro Hydraulic  All types of Electro Hydraulic interfaces and controllers
 Encoders  All types of Linear, Rotary Incremental and Absolute Encoders
 USB to PCMCIA Converters  Connect G3 systems to Laptops and Desktops
 Wireless  All types of 3G Routers, backhuls, GSM, Bluetooth, Zigbee, 802 and Direct RF
 PCB Parts  Headers, Connectors, Sockets, Modular Jacks, IDC parts
 Inverter Chargers  All types of emergency light & power systems
 Serial Servers  All types of Ethernet to RS-232/422/485 converters
 Industrial Computers  All types of Panel, Rack, Blade, Floor PCs
 Surge Protection  All types of surge bars and box appliances
 DAQ  All types of Wireless, USB, Serial, Ethernet and PCI Systems
 Batteries  All types of SLA and Wet Batteries
 Embedded  All types of small form factor SBC
 Transformers  All types of Transformers
 UPSs  All types of floor and rack UPSs - redundant and large UPSs
 Embedded  All types of Rabbit systems
 PSUs  All types of Power Supplies
 IT Room  IT Room monitoring, and power control


 GPIB, Power, Data Cables
   and much more, ask about components also

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