Product Announcements

September 2019

Automation, Computing, Instrumentation, Power, Network, Comms and Wireless Products

The 2G/3G Shutdown is coming! Get your free guide

Digi XBee® Tools

LabVIEW 7.1.1 runs in Windows 10

So does MCC ULLV Drivers and DAQ VIs.

Winmate’s Display Solutionsfor Mission-Critical Environments

Winmate Success Story: The Enterprise Mobility Solution Delivered by M700DM8 Rugged Tablet

Winmate Listed as Top 10 Display Technology Solution Provider in 2019

Winmate to Showcase Rugged Computing for Industrial Automation at 2019 IAS-CIIF

FM10 Vehicle Mounted Computer

EACIL20 IoT Gateway

Winmate M900P - 8-inch Rugged Tablet Crafted for Lightweight Mobility

AIOT-AIVD AI IoT Analysis Gateway: Performance that Lasts with Intel Myriad X

AI@Edge: AI Vision in Automated Optical Inspection

Get AI Solutions from AAEON powered by Intel Myriad X

Cutting Edge AI Solutions from AAEON

MIX-KLUD1: Competitive Control, Competitive Cost

ELIT-1930 Multi-Display Terminal powered by 8th generation Intel Processor


Extend the Lifecycle of COM Express Type 2 Systems with A Smart Upgrade

Product Overview: DC and AC Power Sources


Telescoping Lighted Magnetic Pickup

100’ Laser Measure, Bluetooth Connected

Lighted Mechanical Pickup with 24 In. Shaft

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