Product Announcements - July 2020
Automation, Computing, Instrumentation, Power, Network, Comms and Wireless Products


(Revised) New Product - Digi CORE Plug-In Module Global CAT-4 “CMG4” - PCN #200518-03

(Revised) PCN #200518-02 New Product - Digi IX20

Digi TX Cellular Routers: 5G-Ready Platform Built for Speed and Reliability


COVID-19 Health Monitoring Solution for Businesses and Public Places

How the IoT is Improving Transportation and Logistics with Winmate Solutions

Top 10 Oil and Gas Tech SolutionProviders 2020

High-Resolution Imaging with Winmate's Healthcare Display Series


Introducing Theming in Perspective

Server-centric SCADA Systems Offer Unlimited Growth Opportunities

Podcast: Moving Data from the Edge to the Gateway

Update: Ignition 8.0.14: Maker Edition, New Installers, Accordion Component, and BACnet Beta

Bring Innovation Home with Ignition Maker Edition

Have Your CO2 Measurement Probes Calibrated

Scientific Greenhouse Appreciates Accuracy and Reliability of Sensors

Webinar recording: tips on how to measure CO2 in demanding conditions

Webinar Registration: Calibration as a Key to Better Business

Download E-book: What is smart measurement?

High-Channel Count Dynamic Signal Analyzers

IEPE Measurements for Raspberry Pi®

IEPE Internet-Enabled Data Logger

Measure Everything with WebDAQ 904


3 Steps to Simplify Edge AI Deployment - Catch up with 270% Growth of Enterprise AI Adoption

Current RIGOL International Promotions

Webinar - Introduction to Automotive Electronics Test Solution

The Next Generation of Industrial Computing RT-620R & RT-660R

Work Smarter with Rugged Tablet Accessories

Unveiling 8th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors Family


IoT-800N Enhances Safety On The Move

New Product: S408 Fast and Advanced Thermal Imaging for Epidemic Prevention

New Product: SiP-41B/42B Smart Industrial UPS Box


Magnetic Wristband

LTM1 2-in-1 50" Laser Tape Measure

CS1 Wall-Mounted Charging Station

90° Corner Clamp Jig

824X Backlit Digital Bevel Box Angle Finder

Digital Height Gauge, Self Standing


New SSG5000X Series RF Signal Generator

IT-M3600 has been shortlisted for Europe Electronics Industry Awards 2020

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