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ASUS Affiliate

Embedded Single Board Computers - EPIC Boards

RISC Single Board Computers - RICO-3288

Fanless Embedded Box PC - BOXER-6640M

Touch Panel PC - AHP-1154

Rugged Tablet Computers - RTC1200

Industrial Chassis - Rackmount ARC-645

UP Systems - UPX-Edge


AAeon Technologies Products an ASUS Assoc Co

AAEON Technology, was established in 1992.

Products & Solutions

Industrial Automation
Network Security
Harbour and Wharf
Digital Signage
Rugged Environment
Field Service
IOT systems

MasTec Ltd is very pleased to be able to handle these products for the NZ market. Being associated with ASUS, means close contact with Intel. This close association shows up in all their products and designs. You will be impressed with the breadth and depth of this company's range. They manufacture from 4 divisions.

RTC: Rugged Tablet Computer Division (RTC)
ML-STD-810F standard compliant +IP-65 and IP-54
Alloy Rugged Tablets i7, Core Duo, Atom CPUs

ECD: Embedded Computing Division (ECD)
Two levels  -20C to 70C and -40C to 80C.

5.25" CPU Boards
3.5” CPU Boards
EPIC Boards
RISC Boards,
Computer On Modules
PC/104 Modules
PC/104 Peripheral Modules
Smart Phone Embedded PC

ISD: Industrial System Division (ISD)
Industrial Chassis
Industrial Servers
Firewall products and related accessories.

PAA: Panel Appliance & Automation Division (PAA)
Operator Panels
Robust Panel PCs
Medical PCs
Embedded Chassis EmBOX
Industrial Chassis
Industrial Servers
Firewall products and related accessories.

AAEON is a firm believer in energy-savings and in environmentally conscious manufacturing. Many of AAEON’s products are Energy Star certified and AAEON continues to incorporate more green products into their product portfolio.

Application Story: UP2 AI Core Drone Inspection Solution:
Getting Off the Ground with AI Inspection by AAEON

Application Story: License Plate Recognition:
Driving Smart Parking with AI@Edge Solutions

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AI@Edge Solutions - NVIDIA BOXER-8240AI

AI Modules - AI CORE XP4/XP8

Desktop Network Appliance - FWS-2365

Rackmount Network Appliance - ZEUS-PUR0

Gateway Boards - SCA-RF-W01

Gateway System - AIOT-IP6801

Multi-PoE & Fanless Appliance - VPC-3300S

Industrial Motherboards

 From facilities management to mobile payment systems, AAEON rugged tablet PCs bring the power and durability to make sure the job gets done. With hot-swappable batteries, sunlight readable screens, dust and water-resistant design, our family of rugged tablets are built to keep working all day wherever you need to work. Available accessories such as hand straps and docking stations provide more ergonomic use, while options including glove friendly touch screens and built-in 4G/LTE support provide even greater flexibility. • Powered by Intel® Technology
• Rugged Design
• Built for any Environment
• Flexible Deployment
• Tough, Brilliant Displays
• Certified Tough

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