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MasTec has been selling Artila now since 2004 and our customers using this product are having great success.

Artila Electronics was one of the first companies to openly recognize and promote ARM Computing as a rapid build industrial core for Serial Servers, IOT Servers, Embedded PAC Controller, IIOT Bluemix IO, TCP Modbus IO and much more.,

They have devoted themselves to focusing on ARM-core RISC CPU with embedded CE or Linux solutions.

Use as IOT/IIOT Gateways or Function Blocks.

Expanding into IIOT Remote IO using Bluemix (IBM Watson IOT Platform ) or TCP Modbus, seriously good industrial IO.

Bluemix Isolated Digital, High Gain Analog and Thermocuple Modules.

Same Modules in a variant for Modbus TCP.

This is also linked with Artila's 10 plus years of experience in Industrial Comms - RS-232/422/485 serial comms and TCP/IP networking to produce powerful, easy to use and program low cost OEM solutions.

Additionally, Artila's embedded serial-to-ethernet modules can help device manufacturers to add ethernet connectivity and web server to their serial-based products in a snap.

OEM Pricing >> Excellent

 ARM9 -Product Family
 ARM9 Win CE ready - Box Computers
ARM9 Linux - Box Computers
 ARM9 Linux - Single Board Computers
 ARM9 Linux - System On Modules - Core
 ARM9-based Linux - PACs - Box and Boards
 Web-enabled APort Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway
 Web-enabled We/SE Serial-to-Ethernet Embed
 IOT Gateways and Platforms
 Remote IO IBM Bluemix Ready IO + Modbus IO


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