New Products

RPS-4M/W2, RPS-4M/W4 – 4-slot Industrial Redundant Power Supply

Convert 90~264 VAC to 24 VDC
Each slot can insert a 100W power module
Power module supports hot swapping
4-slot design for N+1 Redundant
Built-in load balancing and power diagnosis functions
Temperature monitoring of power module
Current monitoring
Power module failure (relay output)
Used time of Power module
Support Modbus RTU/TCP Protocol

DNM-843VI-600V, DNM-843VI-800V – 3-channel Voltage Input Attenuator

The DNM-843VI series are voltage input attenuator. The maximum input range is ±600 V/±800 V and can be attenuated to ±10 V. It provides 3000 VDC intra-modules isolation and 3000 VDC channel to channel isolation to avoid the noise interference from inputs to outputs or channel to channel. It can be used with the analog input modules such as I-7017, I-87017, M-7017RMS and I-87017W-RMS etc. to measure the high voltage.

AC/DC Source Input
High Voltage Input Measurement
Linear Attenuation Ratio
High Input Impedance
Channel to Channel Isolation
4 kV ESD Protection
3 kV Surge Protection
Easy Wire Connection

DNM-831I-600V-(50A) (200A) (500A) (1000A) (2000A) – 1 Channel Voltage Attenuator 600V and 1 Channel Current Transformer (50 A) (200A) (500A) (1000A) (2000A) (Metal)

1-channel voltage attenuator and 1-channel current transformer. The maximum voltage input range is ±600 V and can be attenuated to ±10 V. The maximum current input range is ±50A / ±200A / ±500A / ±1000A / ±2000A and can be attenuated to ±10 V. It provides 3000 VDC intra-modules isolation and 3000 VDC channel to channel isolation to avoid the noise interference from inputs to outputs or channel to channel. It can be used with the analog input modules such as M-7017R, I-87017RW, M-7017RMS and I-87017W-RMS etc. to measure the high current and high voltage.

High Voltage Input and High Current Input Measurement
Three Way Isolation
Linear Attenuation Ratio
High Input Impedance
3000 VDC Channel to Channel Isolation
4 kV ESD Protection
3 kV Surge Protection
Easy Wire Connection

OPC UA I/O Analog Modules : U-7504M & U-7526M Built-in with OPC UA Server and MQTT Client Services

OPC UA I/O modules is a series of Ethernet I/O modules that is built-in with the OPC UA Server and MQTT Client services, and supports to run both communications at the same time. The OPC UA I/O module, also called UA I/O, now change the module name UA-75xxM to U-75xxM.

The UA I/O supports the OPC UA server and MQTT client communication in industrial networking communication. Users can choose the networking mode or to run both communications at the same time according to their needs and environment. It transmits the values of built-in I/O channels to the cloud IT system or field control system for reading and writing. UA I/O Series provides a Web-based User Interface (Web UI) to configure the module, control the output channels, monitor the connection, and I/O status via a general web browser. It is easy, fast, and no extra APP needed. The new UA I/O Analog modules support Scaling function and it enables the analog signal being converted into an easy-to-read value.

For information security encryption protection, UA I/O features username/password and certificate login authentication protection, as well as SSL/TLS data encryption protection. The new version V3.0 released provides the latest information security encryption protection function (see the table below) to the whole series. Now the whole series of UA I/O modules are promoted to Information Security I/O Modules!


EtherCAT Slave: High-Speed Two Channel Incremental Encoder Counter

EtherCAT slave
Two channels, 32-bit incremental encoder counters
Encoder counting mode: CW/CCW, Pulse/Direction, A/B Phase
Maximum counting rate: 4 MHz
Encoder Input: A, B, C differential or single-ended signals
Two digital input for counter latching
Two digital output for position compare signal trigger: single and auto-increment compare
Encoder digital input filter
Input level: 5V, 12V/24V with internal resistor
Polarity setting by software for active high or active low encoder input
A/B/C signal isolation voltage: 2500V optical isolation
LED indicators for EtherCAT and encoder status
- 2 x RJ-45 bus interface
- Distance between stations up to 100 m (100BASE-TX)
- Support daisy chain connection
- EtherCAT conformance test tool verified
- Supports Free-Run, SM synchron and Distributed Clock (DC) operation modes.


DL-1020/DL-1021/DL-1022/DL-1023 – PM1/PM2.5/PM10/CO/CO2/Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Data Logger Module

No extra software tool is required! No more programming! Using browsers to perform system setting and logic rule edition
7" TFT LCD(PMD-2206) / 10" TFT LCD(PMD-4206) with Touch Panel for the operation at the local side & PoE (Power over Ethernet) supported
Support at most "24 ICP DAS Modbus Power Meter modules + 8 Modbus I/O modules" (Max. total of 16 TCP type modules)
- COM1 and COM2 interface can connect to Max. 16 Modbus RTU modules (include Power Meter & I/O Module) individually
- LAN interface can connect to Max. 16 Modbus TCP modules (include Power Meter & I/O Module)
- Support at most 4 ICP DAS PM-4324 series Power Meters
Display real-time or historical power data by browser or local display
Provide power data statistics report by browser
Provide data log operation for power data & I/O channel data. Provide data file auto send-back & recovery when disconnected network is resumed
Built-in IF-THEN-ELSE logic engine for power demand management
Provide alarm message notification via LINE, Messenger, Email or WeChat
Provide Schedule function for operations of devices
Support Modbus TCP/RTU, SNMP, MQTT and FTP protocols for seamless integration with IoT/SCADA/IT system
Support connection with IoT Cloud Platform (Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix); and ICP DAS IoTstar Cloud software

IoTstar Bot Service (Supported LINE App)

IoTstar Bot Service is an optional software package for IoTstar. It provides users two-way message interactions between the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers managed by IoTstar and LINE chat rooms. IoTstar Bot Service provides an easier and convenient mechanism for user to manage the remote controllers with LINE App. It does not like the traditional Chatbot which get the information or service by entering the text message; it provides a friendly user interface that includes buttons and dialogue menu to perform the monitoring of remote controllers in an easy way.

Monitor WISE/PMC/PMD controllers at anytime and anywhere by LINE App.
Query real-time sensor data and change output channels.
Quickly browse the real-time I/O channel data efficiently by Grouping function.
Receive real-time event messages with text, pictures or videos (WISE can work with the iCAM IP camera to send the picture or video files).
Review and query the historical event messages.
Secure and reliable communication mechanism between LINE and controllers.
Easy to Maintain; only need to upgrade the LINE App for maintenance.

IoTstar Dashboard Service

IoTstar Dashboard Service is an optional software package for use with IoTstar. It provides users a Dashboard editor with a variety of Widget components. Based on the functions the IoTstar Dashboard Service provides, users can setup the Dashboard pages to review the real-time data from the Sensor modules connected to WISE/PMC/PMD controllers, and it can also change the values of the DO/AO output channels of the Sensor modules connected to WISE/PMC/PMD controllers immediately.

Provide Dashboard editor for user to edit a specific Dashboard pages flexibly.
Provide a variety of built-in Widgets to display the sensor data in different formats.
Display the real-time sensor data and the status of output channels also can be changed.
Support "Dark Mode" to turn the browser to dark for better visibility during night time.
Receive on-site snapshots or video files sent by the controller. User can browse and review the snapshots or video files received by IoTstar (For the sending of on-site snapshots or video files, please use WISE with iCAM IP camera).
Provide Rich Content Widget (WYSIWYG editor), and allow user to edit the content of the Widget by himself (Such as import HTML code, text, Webpage, image, video file, etc.).


 Advanced Manufacturer

 Most Buses supported

Hart Devices




 PACs and Remote IO

 PACs with Expansion buses

Comms Devices
Data Loggers

Programmable DIN Rail Controllers
 Programmable Fiber and Cable Switches POE

ICP DAS Products

An excellent maker of advanced technology products, that can be used in a vast array of solutions. Automation and Control, Building and House Automation, Data Acquisition, Comms Systems and much more.

IIOT 4 Edge Controllers and expansive IO link

WISE-523x/WISE-224x supports SNMP V2c protocol and the SNMP Trap operation to work with the SNMP Network Management software.

It also supports the MQTT protocol to connect with the MQTT broker for the message publishing and subscribing mechanism, and the connection with the IoT service which Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix provide. Additionally, WISE-523x/WISE-224x provides to send messages to the instant messaging APP: LINE and Facebook Messenger.

PAC- Programmable Automation Controllers

The PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) family of ICP DAS is a modular network-based PAC with the capability of connecting I/O either through its own dual backplane bus or alternatively through modular remote I/O chassis and remote I/O modules.
C programmable
Web programmable
IsaGRAF Based
InduSOFT programmable
IsaGRAF+InduSOFT programmable

Remote I/O Systems

The modular remote I/O units are dedicated to industrial monitoring and controlling applications. They are available with Serial, CAN, Ethernet and Profibus interface. The auto configuration and hot swap functionalities simplify the installation effort. A wide range of modules is provided for analog, digital I/Os, or for communication.
Base Chassis
I/O Modules
embedded I/O Modules

Remote I/O Modules

The remote I/O modules from ICPDAS offer in a very compact form a flexible solution for data acquisition. The support of a wide range of protocols including Modbus RTU/TCP, CANopen, DeviceNET and Profibus DP-V0 makes the integration into your project easier.
RS-485 - DCON - Modbus RTU
Ethernet - Modbus TCP
CAN bus - CANopen / DeviceNet
Profibus DP-V0

Signal Conditioning

The signal conditioning modules are aimed to pre-process the physical signal to acquire. The Voltage conditioning modules allow the attenuation of the voltage in order to meet the input voltage range of the used data acquisition system. The current, temperature and strain gauge modules turn the input signal into a standard voltage
Surge Protection
Temperature-Strain Gauge
Relay Output

Touch HMI and Touch Pads
New range of impressive Smart Touch Panels for use in Automation & Control or as a Smart Panel in Home or Business Building Automation.

Many other uses also. Very low cost and very Smart.

Data Acquisition Boards

The Data Acquisition boards offer comprises not less than 132 items with ISA, PCI, universal PCI and PCIexpress bus interface. For each bus, a wide choice of digital and/or analog input/output boards is available. The digital I/O boards will be used for the monitoring and controlling of logic signals such as PCI ISA PCI Express Accessories

Industrial PC

The industrial PC have been selected for the industrial automation for their stunning performance, their compact dimensions robust design. The panel PC are dedicated to applications where computation and HMI are both required. The mini-PC are recommanded for embedded applications, digital signage or even mobile applications.
Touchscreen Panel PC
Embedded PC
Vehicle PC
Touch Monitor

Industrial Communication

The Industrial Communication involve the exchange of data between different devices or different Fieldbus-Protocols. The Fieldbus is an industrial network system for real-time distributed control. It is a way to connect instruments in a manufacturing plant.
Industrial Ethernet Switch
Fieldbus Converters-Gateways
Fieldbus Repeaters-Hubs
Serial to Ethernet Device Server
Industrial Communication Boards

M2M - Wireless Automation

Machine to Machine or Man (M2M) communications is a new business concept, born from the original telemetry technology, used for automatic transmission, remote maintenance and measurement of data from remote sources by wire, radio or other means. It makes the message exchangeable among machinery equipment
M2M - Wireless Communication
M2M Automation Controllers
Wireless Remote I/O modules

Industrial Motion Control

The Industrial Motion Control product selection allows the development of an industrial motion control system. Motion control is a specific area in automation focusing on the accurate control of the position and velocity of mechanical systems. It is widely present in production and assembly plants (robotic-CNC).
Motion Control Boards-Modules
Motion Controllers
Vision Controls


You will find this section a very wide selection of products which are dedicated to enhance the performance of your automation products. The power supplies are suitable for rugged industrial use. The signal conditioning elements are high performance modules for the data acquisition.



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