Industrial IoT Router with dual LTE/4G for Railway Solutions

[NEW IN 2021] The MTX-StarRail is a new line of industrial routers for railway applications.

It has EN50155 (railway), E13/ISO7637 (vehicles), and IEC60945 (marine) certifications, as well as industrial connectors and temperature range.

This device has a complete set of wireless interfaces: dual LTE/4G/3G with auto failolver, Ethernet Ultra POE, RS232, WiFi, GPS, USB, audio… together with advanced router functionalities, such as: Modbus, LTE load balance, SMS control and alarms, VPN management, 4G to RS232/USB gateways, datalogging, DynDNS/NoIP cliente, remote firmware upgrade.


LTE/4G/3G/2G Outdoor Industrial IoT Router

LTE/4G/3G/2G Industrial IoT Gateway

Programmable Compact Modem

MTX is the brand of the Flexitron Group dedicated to the design and manufacture of routers, modems and industrial gateways for wireless communication GSM (LTE / 4G / 3G / 2G), wired (RS232, RS485, Ethernet or CAN) and short-range wireless (Bluetooth) , Wi-Fi or LoRa).


  • Industrial IoT Routers
  • IoT GatewayS
  • IoT Modems
  • Vertical Solutions
  • IoT Platform
  • Sensors

Case Study
Speed cameras and traffic management

Case Study
Monitoring of the Electrical Network

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4G programmable IoT modem with 8x digital I/O, 2x ADC

Advanced 4G/3G modular programmable IoT modem

LTE/4G/3G/2G IP67 Industrial IoT Gateway

WebdynEasy W M-Bus 868MHz
Wireless Gateway for Metering

 Which modem is ideal for your IoT solution?


4G programmable IoT modem with 8x digital I/O, 2x ADC

MTX-IoT-S is an innovative and powerful allin-one solution for the IoT sector. It features a very effective ULP (Ultra Low Power) system that allows the device to work with primary batteries for years. This feature, together with its set of interfaces (RS232, RS485, USB, DI/O, ADC...) and the embedded MTX-Tunnel firmware, provides the MTX-IoT-S with a router-like functionality, and makes this modem ideal for most IoT applications, with no need for further hardware, shortening the time-to-market, and providing a cost-effective solution.

New MTX-StarSensor for Sensor Management

• Ability to power an analog sensor without the need for an external power source.
• Collection of analog data, transformation and sending through MQTTs to Cervello Stem or another platform in the cloud.

The IP67 case allows it to be used in any environment, regardless of dust, humidity or water. Thanks to the special MTX-Tunnel firmware, with improved ULP and battery management features, the device can handle analog sensors for years, without the need for external power. The data collected by the sensor can be stored locally (datalogging) or sent remotely via 4G.

SOLUTION - MTX-DigitalWater System
Smart IoT system for the telemetry of water meters


MTX-DigitalWater System is a smart system for the collection of water meter measurements and their subsequent sending through narrow band communications (NB-IoT) or Cat-M. A Head End System platform extracts and unifies the information to send it, regardless of the meter brand and the final platform.

   How does it work?
“Comprehensive system, turnkey, and adaptable to any brand of meter or final data management platform.”
The MTX-StarWater collects all the information from the water meters through different interfaces and protocols, stores the data and sends it to the cloud via NB-IoT/Cat-M in the established connection windows. Cervello Stem then acts as Head End System, unifying all the frames received regardless of the brand or protocol of the water meter, sending a unified frame to the client’s final platform or to Cervello Stem IoT platform.


Hardware: MTX-StarWater
Industrial IoT modem with NB-IoT/Cat-M, IP67 and primary batteries.

“Operating for more than 10 years* without an external power source and IP67, it ensures quick, easy and affordable field deployment.”
The MTX-StarWater is an industrial modem for smart IoT solutions that features NB-IoT/Cat-M connectivity. In addition, it has primary batteries and a firmware adapted to work with different protocols of water meters, together with a low consumption operation that allows it to operate without an external power source for more than 10 years. Thanks to this and its IP67 enclosure, it can be easily installed anywhere.

• Battery life of more than 10 years depending on configuration
• Possibility of reading several meters with a single MTX-StarWater
• The frequencies and reading modes can be configured remotely

Interfaces accepted
• Wireless M-Bus: under development
• M-bus: under development
• Pulse input: testing
• RS485 modbus: testing
• Bus UNE82326: reading of frames A+, B and C at different frequencies depending on the configuration

  1. Data Collection
MTX-DigitalWater System collects data from water meters using any of the accepted interfaces (Wireless M-Bus, M-Bus, Pulses or RS485). This is done thanks to the MTX-StarWater, a modem with NB-IoT/Cat-M connectivity and a custom firmware to understand and process the different protocols.
  2. Storage and Transmission
“The MTX-StarWater can be remotely configured to only connect on certain periodic windows and send all stored readings.”
MTX-DigitalWater System stores the collected data in the internal memory of the MTXStarWater and sends it to the Cervello Stem cloud platform, in the configured connectivity windows, through narrow band communications NB-IoT or Cat-M.
  3. Unification: Head End System
“Cervello Stem acts as a Head End System, allowing total integration regardless of the water meter and the final platform”
MTX-DigitalWater System works in a fully integrated way with any water meter and with any final platform. The MTX-StarWater sends each meter’s frames, no matter the manufacturer. Those frames are transformed in Cervello Stem, which acts as Head End System, unifying the protocols and sending the information fully integrated and according to the format required by the final platform. 
   4. Data Visualization
Thanks to the operation of Cervello as Head End System, MTX-DigitalWater System works in a transparent and fully integrated way with any final water management and billing platform. By receiving a single unified data frame, the exclusive dependence on a manufacturer of water meters and/or platform provider disappears, being able to use any on the market. In addition, Cervello Stem also functions as an IoT Platform for the management of devices and visualization of the data received for the monitoring and maintenance of the system.

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