Intel Apollo Lake - 15.6" UPC-A156

Industrial Tablet - Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660

Head Mount Device (RealWear)
HMT-1Z1 Intrinsically Safe Edition

Container Based Solar ESS
Capacity: 500kWh~2MWh

Sysgration Ltd

Sysgration was founded in Taiwan in 1977. They are committed to using advanced technologies providing the best quality for IoT, Automotive Electronics Solutions, Energy Management Solutions, and Redundant Power Supply Solutions.

They strive to support you and become your trusted OEM/ODM partner.


  • Automotive & Industrial Computing
    - Universal Panel Computer
    - Industrial Tablet - Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660
    - Head Mount Device (Realwear)
    - OEM/ODM Service
  • Peripherals
    - UPC-Mo5, NFC.RFID Reader
    - UPC-M01, 5mp Camera
    - UPC-M07, 2D Barcode Reader
    - UPC-M04, Thermal Scanner
  • TPMS
    - Replacement Sensor
    - Metal Replacement Sensor
    - Rubber Replacement Sensor
    - Internal BLE TPMS (Truck)
    - BSE-02 External BLE TPMS
    - BSE-09T External BLE TPMS (Truck)
    - BSE-12 External BLE TPMS (Motorcycle)
    - BSI-03 Internal BLE TPMS
  • Energy Storage System
    - Commercial Solar ESS
    - Container Based Solar ESS
  • Battery Pack
    - Power Station
    - EV Battery Pack
    - UPS LIB Pack
  • Redundant Power Supply
    Rackmount Solution
    - Slim Type
    - CRPS
    - Flex ATX
    - Narrow Type
    - Battery Backup PSU
    - PSII Mini RPS
    Centralized Solution
    - Power Supply
    - Battery Backup

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RSI-07 Rubber Replacement Sensor
RF Frequency

BSE-02 External BLE TPMS (Bluetooth)
Bluetooth Low Energy Frequency

BSI-03T Internal BLE TPMS (Truck)
Bluetooth Low Energy Frequency

EV Battery Pack

OEM/ODM Service

Sysgration is devoted to providing value-added, fast-to-market, fully custom service for automotive electronics, rugged mobile, and industrial panel computer solutions. We bring leading-edge technologies, system architecture know-how, manufacturing, and field experiences to provide unique solutions to not only fit your application but also your business model.

Design and Engineering Capabilities

Sysgration provides leading-edge technologies and know how to provide design and engineering services including hardware, software, Firmware, Mechanical, Thermal, RF, and Power Designs at component, sub-assembly, and system level.

Design & Manufacturing Services for Windows on ARM industrial devices

Running Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system on ARM architecture-based processors is the next big thing. In order to meet the market’s trend and providing customers with Industrial Rugged Computing Product as well as ODM/OEM services, Sysgration is offering the SBC / Industrial Panel Computer / Rugged Tablet / Body Control Module with ARM-based processor.


Fleet Management Solution

Smart Application

Intelligent & Connected Vehicle
Full integration and Mobile App control of all vehicle on-board devices.

Real-Time Tracking
Real-time and power-saving wireless location tracking technology for animal and assets.

Smart Retail
Connected vending machines for real-time telemetry and user behavior analytics.

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