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ITech Auto Test Sytems:

ITS5300 Battery Charge & Dishcharge Test System and ITS9500 Power Supply Auto Test System


TS9500 Power Supply Test System

ITS9500 power supply test system is a convenient, practical and cost-efficient testing system, it is designed for switching power supply test. The standard 5U unitintegrates electronic loads, programmable AC power supplies, programmable DC power supplies, noise analyzers, timing analyzers, digital electric meters, oscilloscope, I/O card and other instruments, ITS9500 can be installed on the countertop or inside a standard cabinet.

The system provides 80 test items and through the powerful automatic test software of ITS9500, users can selecttest items based on the characteristics of the DUT to easily complete the test process. ITS9500 can be widely applied for testing AC and DC power supply, power converters, chargers, car charger and other products of the test.


• Standard 5U unit integrates DSO, electronic loads, programmable AC power supplies, programmable DC power supplies, noise analyzers, timing analyzers, digital electric meters, oscilloscope, I/O card and other instruments, ITS9500 can be installed on the counter top or inside a standard cabinet.
• Best cost-effective unit
• Modular design for easy maintenance
• Over 80 test items
• Simultaneous operation of 8 systems at maximum
• A power supply unit which can test several single outputs at one time
• Test program management/editing function
• Statistic report output/editing function
• Multi-level authority setting function
• User authority setting
• System accesses record
• Bar Code Reader supported by the software
• Optional external fixture for improving test speed
• Meet the ENERGY STAR measurement specification

Modular design for easy maintenance

ITS9500 power supply test system adopts traditional modular design, forming an easy, and multi-functional power supply test platform. This facilitates future inspection and maintenance,and reduces the influence on the production line.

Easy operation and clear result display

ITS9500 test system, working together with the test system, can realise such functions as editing, operation, test, and data analysis of power test items.
• The operation interface of the software is simple and clean with five distinctive modules, and even users without programming ability can master the operation easily
• The status of final test results, which is PASS or FAULT, will be highlighted on the interface to ensure a fast and accurate view for operators.

ITS5300 Battery Charge & Discharge Test System

ITS5300 battery charge and discharge test system is designed for a variety of power batteries (lead acid, nickel hydrogen, lithium batteries, super capacitors, hydrogen fuel cells, etc.) for performance testing.

ITS5300 test system can be used in performance testing of a hundred or more battery packs or 200 cells in the battery packs at one time, remarkably improving the testing efficiency and capacity of the production line. ITS5300 test system consists of ITECH power supply, electronic load, internal resistance tester, temperature acquisition and other products with professional battery test software components, high degree of automation and high stability. ITS5300 is the best choice for user testing


• Balance charging and discharging capacity, designed for battery module / cell test.
* Charge mode: CC / CV / pulse charge
* Discharge mode: CC / CR / CP / pulse discharge
* Voltage range: 0 - 1000V
* Current range: 0 - 1200A
* Power range: 0 - 600 kW
• Fast response and high-speed sampling rate, sampling rate and data storage time down to 1ms.
• High reliability and high precision guarantee absolute measurement accuracy within the broad voltage/current range, making the test system more efficient in use.
* Voltage: 0.05% +30 mV
* Current: 0.2% +120 mA
• Standard modular design not only makes it easy for hardware extension and follow-up maintenance but also expand its applications.
• Real-time online monitoring on single module resistance, voltage and temperature.
Support cell battery AC internal resistance analysis and battery pack
DC internal resistance analysis. Measured temperature depends on the type of thermocouple user selected.
• A complete alarm and protection setup for effectively preventing overcharge, over-discharge and other unexpected faults.
• Adopt GPIB communication, support multi-system extension.
• Multi-channel independent control.

 Professional System Software
ITS5300 Test System is equipped with a battery charge/discharge testing software developed on the basis of user specifications. By editing test steps, the user may perform constant current charge, constant pressure charge and constant current/power/resistance discharge tests on multi-channel cells or battery packs. Furthermore, the software will help the user monitor cell voltage, temperature and IR, produce charge/discharge curves and monitor and store relevant data.

Real-time Charging & Discharging Monitor of Each Channel
A battery pack is typically a set of cells connected in series which exhibit different characteristics during charge and discharge. For this reason, monitoring of cells is of great importance. Apart from key parameters of each channel, ITS5300 test system may install a thermograph and IR tester to realize real-time monitoring of cell voltage, IR and temperature. During the test, user can clearly observe the test information of each channel through the software. The software has intuitive colored block charts to symbolize normality or abnormality of cell characteristics and give early warning where necessary, including channel configuration, cell voltage, current, discharge capacity and other parameters. That is not only easy for observation and record, but also improves the testing

Power-off Memory Protection
ITS5300 Test System is superior over traditional integrated charge & discharge device in that it has a power-off memory feature while the latter has single protection configuration only. Power-off memory feature is the most cutting-edge and perfect protection function developed by ITECH and designed for time-consuming aging tests. With the protection function, previously acquired data can be effectively stored intact in case of unexpected power failure or computer crash during a time-consuming aging test and the user may proceed with the test program from the faulty link after the system is back to normal. In this way, repeated tests are avoided for higher efficiency. Likewise, if the power-off state continues for long, the system will automatically cut off the active charge/discharge circuit so as to prevent overcharge and over-discharge and guarantee the safety and reliability of battery testing.

Modular design
ITS5300 Battery charge-discharge testing system is comprised of power supply, electronic load,internal resistance tester, temperature data acquisition instrument and IT9320 software. It breaks through the traditional testing system limitation,providing professional testing steps toimprove testing efficiency. User can choose the most suitable equipments for their own test requirements to build automotive test platform.

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Power Newsletter - March 2020

Product Feature: ITech Battery Testers

IT5100 series is a series of battery internal resistance testers with high precision, high resolution and high speed.

IT5100 adopts AC 4-terminal sensing, that means the tester can test internal resistance and voltage simultaneously with high precision. Resistance resolution is down to 0.1 µ, voltage resolution is 10 µV. Combined with external USB disk, IT5100 is available for long-term statistics calculation. Built-in comparator function, IT5100 can automatically determine whether the battery parameters meet the standards and count pass rate, which is suitable for a variety of battery`s test and pick.

Built-in GPIB / USB / LAN communication interface to support SCPI communication protocol.

Single unit of IT5102 support 16 channels batteries measurement, master- slave connection up to max.17 sets and extension channels quantity up to 272, that greatly improves testing efficiency.

Built-in LAN / RS232 communication interface, the IT5100 series can be widely applied in cellphone lithium batteries, electric vehicle batteries and other batteries inspection and sorting.


  • Support resistance and voltage simultaneously test and display, 4.3 inch LCD screen
  • Voltage ranges:10 µV~300 V *2
  • Resistance ranges: 150 µ~3000 *1
  • Voltage ranges,7 resistance ranges, optional automatic or manual measuring *3
  • Support resistance and voltage simultaneously test, speed up to 125 times / S *4
  • Built-in GPIB, USB, LAN interfaces,supports SCPI protocol.
  • Statistics calculation and data USB storage function
  • Comparator function: sorting result HI/IN/LOW display
  • Zero adjustment function
  • 4-terminal AC measurement
  • Measuring result alarm
  • IT5102 single unit supports 16 channels testing, max.17 sets master and slave extension connection *5
  • Supports battery online testing *6
  • Available for supporting ITS5300 battery charging and discharging test system automatic measurement.

*1:IT5101E is 15m ~ 3, IT5102/5102E is 0.01m~2
*2:IT5102/5102E is 0~60V
*3:IT5101E, IT5102/5102E resistance is the two range
*4:IT5101/5101E under Ex_Fast mode
*5:IT5102E is 8 channels
*6:IT5101/5101E only support offline measurements, IT5102/5102E support both online and offline measurements at the same time.


The wide measuring range and multi-functions makes the IT5100 series ideal for inspection and sorting of all types of batteries. It can be used to validate various types of DUT's requiring test of internal resistance, contact resistance, Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) etc.

It is useful in both R&D, production test and other applications.

High-voltage battery pack test eg. electrice vehicles, lithium battery etc.
Battery module testing
Large (low-resistance) cell testing
High-speed mass production testing of coin batteries
UPS inspection
Deterioration and life assessment of alkaline batteries, lead-acid battery
Various contact resistance test
Equivalent Series Resistance (ERS) test




 If you would like to contact us about any of these products, feel free to email us.

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